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International Meeting of Schizomythologists and Sociophysiologists
M. S. Strickland

Paris, Villa Ballu

Owlstain, Château Methuen

Tracing his or her schizomythic stirps to a piquant stitch of flavid stimulation atop a Parisian couch’s mossy warp, subject MSS — who some say was humbly born to a trailblazing alienist at the Appalachian Spiritual Institution of Shatsbrook (also known, after the ancient Lepastic bridge that spans the Shmeem River there, as La Tour du Pont), Appalachia, though from his or her own account hails from the inky seraph locus of coy Krishna’s lupercalian afflatus, the seaside resort town of Tulpuyauor, Wyoming — is none other than
M. S. Strickland, To Reek Evocatively Uncouth. Textwork, récits, rime argile. Trade paperback, 128 pages, $9.00.

M. S. Strickland (2019). To Reek Evocatively Uncouth. Textwork, récits, rime argile. Editions MSS. Trade paperback, 128 pages, $9.00. Available from Lulu.

the nom d’appui of M. S. Litarn dont le nom de guerre se dit parfois dans la littérature, “M. R. Stalin,” who is the begettor of such diverting à propos de bottes as “Nous nous comportons comme individus seulement comme l’eau se divise en gouttelettes” (personal communication, Château Methuen, Owlstain, 1992) and “L’existence de n’importe lequel être organique ne s’étend pas de sa naissance, ni de la fusion ou fission des cellules dont il se compose, mais plutôt du commencement de l’histoire de la vie sur terre, voire l’histoire de l’univers lui-même qui est une bulle qui s’enfonce dans une autre bulle, créant ainsi, comme dans une transition de phases analogue à celle entre liquide et gaz, la direction de l’entropie ainsi que la vitesse de la lumière qui est non seulement intrinsèquemment reliée à la gravitation mais est aussi la mesure constante de la naissance de l’univers” (personal communication chez NA, Paris, 1996) — [ndlr: much of the foregoing seems hopelessly confused, and perhaps even libelous: please fix!] clitical suppositions to which MSS, a textworker by training and tendency, seems particularly susceptible, having been conceived in exile in that city known far and wide as the exile’s Norlia, Paris, France [vid. supra], raised in shuttle-cock fashion between the bucolic bergeries of Beulah, Texas, and the snail-gobbling lazy geese of Gertrude en WY, and prepared for the bachillerato at Tiliar Boarding School (TBS) in Tixpu, that heady, hilltop barrio (anciennement aldea, et auparavant, lieu-dit) of Agua Prieta, New Lex., from which, on a clear day, and standing on a stool in the top-floor WC in order to restare through that cabinet du coin’s petit œil de bœuf, the sharp eye may be able to Agua Prieta, New Lex., from which, on a clear day, and standing on a stool in the top-floor WC in order to glom, far across Arathu’s briny undulations, the twin volcanoes of Aseli-Abenaseli, on which insular bastion of the Huerta-Fukari MSS, a textworker by preparation and predilection, spent a not insignificant translexicological sequestration à la Akbar Nod before reattaining exile in that city known far and wide as the exile’s Norlia, Paris, France, to assist at the International Elevenses Conference (INTEC) chez NA, 11 cour du Coq, 11th arrondissement, in a petit bistro not far from which, often around lunchtime, the subject was to be seen, soit au comptoir, soit à une table dans la salle au fond, scribbling furiously upon un amas de fiches bristol, which graphite-smudged gridded cards would be scattered pell-mell across a table normally reserved for quartets or more of expectant déjeunistes, upon approach by which the subject’s famished scribbling would not desist, but would rather, despite hungry glances from pencil point to looming shadow of yazdehanists, reward the observer with an impressive display of graphomanic bazokakia most heterolexically subjective and proximate. Constraint, passage, and attachment to ISOCPHYS, to CACA in particular, as IAOCM, was facilitated, and an insensitive course of lexical therapy prescribed, upon which positive results were consequent.

So much so, in fact, that the subject, a textworker by conatus and contrivance, now dares compass the Electronic Rhapsody (ER) by way of the ersatz agora, the factitious bourgade that is [insert name and unict realm localizer of a prominent so-called “social networking environs” (SNE)] as well as share his or her clitalytical charms with the promiscuously textual laboratory of Editions MSS and imssoc by putting out propositions such as the following appalachianism: “I expound unless language has become so flaccid that being on occasion patronized begins to equal death for the sake of an ideal.” To which his or her training in linguistics, sociophysiology, languid lascivious lucubration, and auroral bouts of scholiastic bibulosity wrung from consorts both fortuitous and sought during sojourns in Owlstain, Black Yurt, Manx Hat, Iagip, Tixpu, Dosperú, Agua Prieta, On, Lutèce, Skunkville, and wherever else his or her diligent textwork — which is only words — may lead this ISOCPHYS-Associated Owlstain Community Member que se llama MSS, a textworker by passion and proclivity, and who has, in short, evolved from a socioparasitological picoleur timorously imbibulating at our instaurational institution’s staking out of the fabric of Owlstain’s intellectual milieu anent the pendaison of our crémaillère au château Methuen, au Jour J de l’Année Zéro, to what he or she is today, not just a schizomythological subject unabashedly diving stoicly (stoically?) into the vast yazdehanian fray on the translexical playground of taboo in Glamporium, our sistititution of sociophysiological praxis [vid. the subject’s typically rhapsodic athetosis as captured by the tintones of Maryam L. Ravigiallo and Gloria T. Galvari], but a graphomaniacal textworker in posession of an unparalleled array of what, in a world, his or her plurality of assets certainly does attest! And so heterolexifies our author (OA) again from his or her pied à terre in the 9th arrond. of Paris, 23, villa Ballu (cinquième étage, face): “I remember the weight of it the dark dove’s tongue flickers out of this black heart pluck a knife. At first a last resort to some shifts and expedients a finger flicked it into convulsive space shimmer here that line there intern the constipated research tantalizingly infamous. I was lured without it. Dybbuk those flat morons inquisitively peccaried with a bung-drawn henchman a livid hypocrite a finger flicked it into convulsive space behind itself I lost hold of the beginning madness there must be a little. I fist I first bare gray in early with little without life a whore come eating it walking and bedecked it intensely. Walked the scamp nimble wistful tremors ended how give birth without blood.” Enough!

Towards a schizomythology of ritual : An ichnology of antipathy, with bibliography and citations.

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