Albiano G

Anatilo G

Arinami N

Bloip I

Blorhn A

Coltrane M

D’Aruntles C

Deal NE

Devi K

Drieč M

Ebsalai A

Egagal A

Elton O

Est S

Flamingo H

Flawndol S

Galvari G

Hamiltonian T

Hlzts A

Inhart A

Keel L

Kidjaki C

Kidjaki D

Kidjaki R

Klee P

Lee See A

Litarn MS

Maa F

McLaughlin E

Messalina Methuen JW

Niechala C

Nin MN

Nišivat Š

Og-Firrsan O

Péalono N

Prastier V

de Queiros F

de Queiros R

Rao Ba

Rao Br

Rastrero M

Ravigiallo M

Raymond A

Rexni I

Saliba G

Schlame G

See Law E

Slekton S

Stermer T

Strickland MS

Swopes DI

Tibreteps N

Trembart A

Trembart T

Tron A

Turbo M

Udidi (Hamiltonian) D

Utressa N

Vighdan B

Willoughby Johnson O

Xwarpo S

Xwarpo X

Yerisoa N

Zend W

International Meeting of Schizomythologists and Sociophysiologists
M. S. Litarn
Smart Linguist

Appalachian Mental Institution, Shatsbrook

In his or her ostensibly “schizomythic narrative of exile (SNE)” in Lutèce, D. I. Swopes writes anent moi: “Decrepit Appalachian plagiarist considerably older than she claims, though perhaps not what she appears in bar light, who ‘publishes,’ according to Tetrastic Literary Studies (TLS), under the nom de plume of M. S. de Strickland, the particule plundered from the conjunction of Duchamp, M. and Oda Elton, the patrilineal cognomen derived via backformation from a spurious Anglican ancestor whom successive reams of Appalachik scribes had deformed, à la R. Roussel, into that of the true perpetrator of his or her tarnished paternity, viz. Mr. Stalin né Strickland née Stricland naît Striclind neigh Striclin nay Stalin (the gawping rictus of ric hiccups, and spits out an incomestible gristle of a). Aran Tron informs me that s/he was an erstwhile inmate, aka Victor K. Strigil, of the Appalachian Mental Institution of Shatsbrook, so I have no qualms anent flaying this literary stuprator alive in the wider world. He (I write ‘he’ here, for it is our subject’s alias we have appropriated as the object of our researches) concocts, for instance, his ‘Yazdehanity of Diligent Textwork’ (the ‘entangled nonlocality’ of which has been laughably lauded in the Owlstain SCAT as ‘Arshile Gorky in prose’ [sic!]) by grafting poems he purloined from my friend and colleague Sagarch Flawndol to something — travelogue? diary? — melded from the Tetrastic tergiversations of A. Ebsalai and the Tagmic laments of Medi Zana. Speaking of which, something called ‘Street Acts’ (‘a unique sequence of eleven prurient scènes de rue recursively linked in a certain indefinable pattern’) has lately appeared in one of the meaner of the local avatars of samizdat, with his caconym clinging to it like the stain and scent of veritable rodent scat: this is nothing other than the reworked record I kept (and he stole en route) of the histrionic foray into Cataloland I undertook with my Mesopotamian chum NSVT SNNT.”

All of the foregoing is slander, libel, traducement, defamation, obloquy, character assassination of the vilest sort. I post it here on my imssoc profile purely as evidence, under the certainty, furthermore, that that cymophanic wordslut will surely revise it into an even more contumeliously oblivious and facetiously ingenuous confabulation, as she has done with the gross bulk, all, or almost all, of her own “mémoires” in toto, too! The only statement with even the remotest shred of any sort of correlation with reality is that, yes, I was an inmate of the AMI in Shatsbrook — but as a researcher, not a patient! I am a linguist, a smart linguist, a very smart linguist. Ms. (de) Strickland (whoever s/he may be) is not even a friend of mine, let alone alias! (Though I wish him or her all the best — I can think of nothing that so least resembles the most decent ends of politics, and yet so most mimics its least honorable means, than la vie littéraire!) And Victor K. Strigil, aka Informant VKS, aka Subject VKS, was, and still is, one of my most promiscuously forthright sources and amenable subjects in re the ever evolving mutualism between the duplicitous and often madcap marplots of your inveterate social parasite and the evocative lingo of cryptolexical inventiveness, specifically, viz., Sluts Jargon, Pimps Palaver, Panders Talk, Lepastic, Conspeak, Carnilalia, Intrussyan slang, Tagma verlan, and so on, not insubstantial contributions towards the characterization and concordances of all, or almost all, of which I may gladly lay claim to have had a happy hand in, as the list of works (infra) shows. My professional research interests have led me into many memorable parts of the world where I have been thrown into stimulating contact with human specimens of social parasitism of the most singular and diverse variety, accounts of some of which I’ve couched in the journalese acceptable by the more acceptable print media of this, our sublunary world. I also write and review prose fiction.

In addition, I have recently learned of another factitious provenance the aforesaid “promiscuous textualist” mendaciously assigns me — “a Nordic Anglomaniac hailing from the banks of the Glomma” (!?) — as well as more fallacious fabrications in the form of fraudulent reverse plagiaries I am falsely accused of having contributed to some spurious travel magazine, the rationale for their inclusion here being ditto (supra), to wit: i) “bordering Kintail, the Falls of Glomach may be reached by the intrepid Sassenach, by means of a difficult footpath of several leagues through the wild, remote countryside of Ross-shire, Scotland” (inviting, but alas, I have not yet had the pleasure of venturing there), and, ii) “the thermophilic chemoorganotrophe Dictyoglomus thermophilum is an anaerobic bacterium that elaborates the xylan-digesting enzyme xylanase with which English paper manufacturers have been able pretreat wood pulp in order to obtain high levels of whiteness without having to commit recourse, as your Scottish or French paper manufacturers are wont to do, to chlorine bleach” (while fascinating, these are all subjects outside of my realm of study, let alone expertise).

On ludict

M. S. Litarn | Journal of Sociophysiology 01703 | March 2010.

Divastigations? Pornography by other means. [Review of O. W. Johnson’s Divastigations, Instars 1–5]

M. S. Litarn | Owlstain SCAT | 18 June 2003.

Cultural activity as parasitic mimicry along a human–nonhuman continuum

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Human culture as intraspecific exploitative mimicry [Mistakenly cited in Johnson (2000, infra) as “Human cultural innovations as mimicry and manipulation”]

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Once were berdîwar: Lexical ecology and the reform of social parasites

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Crime and kāvya: Facility with poetic slang correlates with susceptibility for social parasitism

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Social parasitism from the Tagmaist to the Intrussyan [Review article]

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Prastier’s Infernos

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Slant Mirror : The Slim Rant of a Very Smart Linguist

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A Slangy Liar for Enlisted Man’s Pay : The Parasitic Rhetoric of Saliba’s Galoots

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Obfuscatory Trio

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Grammaticalization of schizomythia and taboo in Mountain Fukari root class : Confirmation of a functional proximal–distal quantal continuum of ligativity in affixival clitics of womaninity and pronominal control

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A habituation as old as mankind : Towards a sociophysiology of multi-orgasmal [sic!] symbiotic biocultural associations

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